Questions about our date

Please take the time to read the following carefully!

What do you mean by ‘investment’?
-  Considerations, donations, fees and rates are all words suggesting I am the only one benefiting from our engagement. I view our time together as mutually beneficial, totally enjoyable and delightful experience for both of us. I ask for you to invest in building a true connection. My ‘consideration’ remains higher than others to weed out those that are not seeking true reciprocity.

How should I prepare for our date?
-  It goes without saying but please be freshly showered, with teeth freshly brushed and other ‘areas’ freshly groomed. If we are meeting in a private location, yours or mine, soft music adds a nice touch. You may want to have a fruit plate and bottle of unopened sparkling water or wine waiting, as it is always appreciated.

How should I handle our investment?
-  Please hand me my ‘donation’ in an envelope. I will not discuss my ‘donation in any way and if pressed I will end our engagement immediately. If we are in public, please present me with an envelope and card with my ‘donation’ inside, or a simple gift bag will suffice

What exactly does your ‘consideration’ include?
-  My ‘consideration’ is for my time only. What we choose to do with that time is totally up to us! Only your imagination will limit you.

Will you visit me at my hotel?
-  Yes, subject to you passing identity checks.

What can we do on our date?
-  That is up to us to decide! You may want to make inquires before our date about possible activities. Would you like to arrange a romantic dinner? A trip to an art gallery? Theatre? Spa escape? Or perhaps you would just like to relax and unwind in the privacy of your own home/room. It is all about you and your desires.

Is there any reason you would refuse to see me?
-  If you have falsified any information on your screening, I will be unable to see you. If you attempt to negotiate, I will block you. If you attempt to discuss my ‘consideration’ or any illegal activity upon my arrival, I will leave. Finally, I will not tolerate any ungentlemanly behaviour such as rudeness or roughness. Excessive drinking or any drug use are absolutely prohibited. It of course goes without saying that I will not see anyone unhygienic.

I've never done this before! I'm really embarrassed and nervous. What should I do?
-  I want to stress that there is nothing shameful about paying for a delightful woman's time. Do you feel bad paying an accountant, a solicitor or a therapist? We all pay for others' time to some degree. I hope you find the time we spend together is fulfilling and worthwhile. And of course a great deal more enjoyable!

Should I tip?
-  Tipping is never necessary, but is always appreciated.

Can I bring a gift?
-  Of course you can. Every woman loves a gift. I would be happy to send you suggestions if you need any help.

I don’t have a secure location. Can you provide one?
-  I am happy to provide accommodation for private modelling. A deposit of 30% will be required.

How can I be assured of your discretion?
-  I am 100% discreet and none of your personal information will ever go beyond or divulged by me. I do not accept reviews and will never reveal anything about you to anyone. Your information stops with me. I dress demurely, have perfect manners and look the part of an executive director. My clientele's information is paramount to me and testament my success in being where I am.

I’m running late. What should I do?
-  Please call me as soon as possible to let me know. Things happen, which I fully understand! Please be courteous and give me a heads up to know your arrival time. You are responsible for your FULL ‘donation’ for agreed upon time, regardless of whether I can accommodate your full time request when you are late. If I am late for any reason, please know I will of course add this time to the end of our date!

I want to extend our date. Is this possible?
-  Yes, of course, provided I have the time available. Please let me know before our liaison is up and ensure you have the extra ‘donation’ at that time.

Can I see you each month?
-  Absolutely you can see me each month. I travel frequently, so I may not always be available on the same day. I am happy to work around your schedule and I hope that you will have the same respect for me!

What about exclusivity?
-  Of course there is a possibility of exclusivity but this a conversation between the two of us.

Can I pay in Euros or USD?
-  Yes with an additional 5% on top of the agree fee upon arrangement and by prior agreement.

What services do you offer?
-  I find this question somewhat obtuse!
If you are looking for a ‘no holds barred’ engagement then I suggest you look elsewhere.
All I will say is to expect affection, attentiveness, passion, intimacy, laughter and engaging conversation.

Do you travel overseas?
-  Yes, I am more than happy to travel overseas.
Please be aware that a 50% deposit is required in addition to the payment of all flights, travel expenses and associated visa costs, (depending on country) have to be paid at least 7 days prior to my departure.
Additionally, a copy of your passport and driving license will be needed as part of the screening process.

Can you tell me more about your physical attributes, like and dislikes?
-  Of course I can.
I am 30 years old, standing at 5.6“(167cm)
I have short blonde hair with large, sparkling blue eyes
I am a UK dress size 8 and UK shoe size 4 / EU 37
My curves are 30G – 26 – 31
I speak English and many other European languages
I do not smoke and I do have a couple of discreet tattoos
My orientation is Bisexual and Couples
My favourite cuisine is Japanese, Italian and French
My favourite tipple is Champagne
My favourite perfume is Panthere by Cartier
My favourite designers are Chanel, Miu Miu and of course, many others

If you need additonal informations you can contact me on ab@allegrabond.com  or on +44 (0)751 219 7854.